Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something to ponder about...

Looking outside my own life... I looked at the country I live in and wonder...

Malaysia's Timeline

Malaysia's 50 years anniversary


In face, I just saw a book on the shelves recently entitled, "The Different Chinese" which compares chinese world wide from China Chinese to Malaysian Chinese. Still thinking of getting it to have a nice laugh at how it summarised and generalises certain behaviours of Chinese of different countries.

Anyway, those are something I can read and ponder about but many people do not want to face the reality of this. Some gave up and ran. Some stayed on and pray. What will I do? Will see how my plans go...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Learning-working Experiences...

Working in the marketplace allows us to meet all sorts of characters in this world. Sometimes, in the smallest firm to big large corporation, there will be all sorts of colourful characters from different backgrounds, culture and upbringing who meet and work together... in the name of money and survival.

Well, I am the "happy mouse" working in a small firm, minding my own business and doing my best. Someone mentioned, "Don't be a mouse that didn't even realised someone had moved her cheese". I'm not sure if that's the case, but subconsciously I do feel it is time to move on and try different pastures (take note I wrote "different" and not greener).

Definately, people come and people go. New jobs and higher demand in the market creates greater opportunities for all who dare to venture. I have new colourful colleagues. From the typical "ham sap" guys who ogles at any sexy or revealing piece of meat to the nosy one who ask you every single detail and spreads it faster than a bush fire!! From them and myself, I learn a few things.

I learn the meaning of sexual harrassment. It comes in so-called joking teasing sexual remarks which makes one uncomfortable.
- Thank God, after warning him a few times, that stopped... and I pray it stays there.

I learn about backstabbing with people complaining directly to the boss of things you supposedly did and you being uncorporative, with other people fueling or spreading that in truth, he is MCP who doesn't like to work with women.
- Thank God, he left. But sadly, he left some trails of misconception. Ironically, I only knew about this a month after he left. Need to be more aware!!

I learn about trying to delegate tasks when I myself is unsure about the task itself. Painfully, I feel so helpless when I couldn't answer their queries.
- Thank God, with experience, time, trial and errors, I learn and improve.

I learn not to be easily offended or upset when people use hurtful words or you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
- Thank God, I realised it and am trying to control my emotions by not taking it to personally.

I learn not to be too nice or friendly to colleagues who might mistake that you are open to relationship even though I thought the label of having a boyfriend states the obvious.
- Thank God, I realised it even though a little too late and am trying to do something about it. But he still doesn't get it. Arghh!

I learn to always get instructions from clients or other consultants in black and white on any major changes in the project.
- Thank God, I have a colleague who guides me in this. But I have to learn to know it myself.

I learn to keep my opinions to myself but sometimes when provoked, they do leak out!!
- Thank God, I am still trying.

I learn that I should be improving more of myself to be more valuble because employers cannot appreciate you based on loyalty but on capabilities and performances.
- Thank God, He gives me many wonderful opportunities.

The list goes on... but I write some of them here to remind myself and review what I have learn and done. I want to make sure, I seriously learn from this to avoid any future complications. I pray He'll continue to give me strength, wisdom and guidance in dealing with people.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sometimes, you try to avoid confrontation and conflict by minimising any conversation or even meeting the person itself. But how long and how far can you run?

How do you avoid unpleasant conversations?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Frogger Game!!

I used to play this game on this 'green 30cm X 20cm X 20cm box' with black screen and green images. It's a portable game like tetris but this one was bigger and bulkier. When I see this game. it makes me reminiscence of those days when I was young.

It takes patience as you bring the frog safely across the street. These days, I still get impatient trying to win this game. Try it! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cartoons I watched when I was a kid... Can you remember any of this?

Yam cha!

It is nice to meet up friends especially if we have never met up since few years. However, the unpleasant aspect of gathering up with friends is the organising part. I have no idea how come I ended up being the organiser these days. Perhaps, people know I want to meet up with the friend who just have returned from overseas.

In fact, my friends and I only meet up when someone comes back from overseas. Those of us who are always in Klang never meet up. Normally a gathering occurs when someone comes home from another state or country.

Therefore, to inform some of my friends, I wrote in my msn messenger : "Yam cha at ......." Instead of getting replies from the friends I wanted to inform, my online friends and cousin responded to my announcement. They said they want to go... long time never had that.... why that venue.. etc. Just to pull my leg. ha! I said, "Sure, no prob. Come on over! :) "

I noticed that the definition of yam cha varies with people of different location. Litterally, "yam cha" means drink tea in cantonese. It's normally used for social gathering for people to sit together and drink tea. That picture that comes to mind with that definition is a group of elderly people sitting around a round table drinking chinese tea.

However, here in Malaysia, "yam cha" means drinking tea in the mamak stalls while gossiping and chatting away. If not, the next level of "yam cha" is doing the same thing in the upgraded "kopitiam" with overpriced food and drinks. Nowadays we have so many of this type of "kopitiam" from Old Town Kopitiam to Kluang Station.

Our last "yam cha" gathering

Another definition is based on the cantonese definition. For example, my cousin in Oz defines 'Yam Cha' as 'Dim Sum'. This is based on the culture over there, whereby the chinese have 'dim sum' for breakfast as found in the definition from

The Cantonese-style breakfast -- Yam Cha, or Dim Sum is popular in Chinatowns around the world. Yam cha, literally, drink tea, is what Guangdong and HK people in particular do if they go out for breakfast in the early morning. But if a Cantonese friend invites you out to yam cha, allow plenty of time to enjoy it since it’s not to be rushed. Usually, it is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Dim sum are little snacks, usually steamed, deep fried, or boiled, and the variety is enormous, hundreds of them, mostly savoury. Like ha gao, A steamed wafer-thin rice-flour wrapping filled with baby shrimp or minced shrimp and some minced meat. The skin of rice-flour is so translucent that the ingredients can be clearly seen.

Mmmmm... I really love eating "ha gao". However, it's rare to find nice ones in Malaysia. Normally, it is either too sticky, the skin is too thick or perhaps it just falls apart when you try to pick it up. But they have sweet sauce for you to dip the dim sum in... so when you have a so-so dim sum, just dip it in and drink down with tea! Ha!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Phi Phi Island

Recently, I had the privilege to visit Phuket over the weekend. Despite being the off-peak season, there were still large number of visitors crowding Patong Beach. I truly enjoyed myself there, especially relaxing in the direct pool access rooms! :) ( This is the hotel is where Keith Floyd's restaurant is.

Actually, I enjoyed more of the idea of having a swimming pool right in front of my room!! There is even a daybed in between the room and the pool. Nice nook for you and a good book. Even though the beach would be an equally good spot (minus the sun!!)

Patong Beach is truly lovely with the blue sky and white fluffy clouds dancing in the sky... We don't get such blue skies since we got plagued by the haze and dreadful air pollution. Our beaches back home is equally lovely but we have small baby waves. Hence, I was not that used to the bigger waves over in Phuket. (This is because Phuket is facing the Andaman ocean while Malaysia is safely surrounded by Thailand, Indonesia)

However, I got seasick during the ride to Phi Phi Island. Take a look on how strong the waves were during that day (that is IF I can upload the video I took of it).

Tsunami did destroyed Phuket... the underwater world for snorkelling does not look that great to my eyes. However, the hustle and bustle of tourists on the beaches are very much alive and back to business. Only one or two peddlers can be seen selling pictures, books and videos on Tsunami. Other than that, some might not have realised the destruction it endured few years back. After all, life goes on.

My 1st Project

This is my first project on site. The photo was taken towards the entrance towards the site before construction early this year (2007).

This 10-storey private college is not exactly my “baby” as I didn’t really get to involve with the initial design (the birth on paper). However, I am just equally happy to see it being built. It is like seeing a "child" growing up to a full building. :)

Construction started in April 2007 and after 5 months, the structure is up to the 8th floor at the back portion. It is constructed in phases from the back grids towards the front due to site constraint. It is a fast-track job using pre-stressed hollow core planks for the floor and cast-in situ columns and beams.

This photo is taken from the same angle as the 1st photo. Take note the new entrance on my right hand corner. Will post up the photo of the completed building when it is completed in March 2008! :)

Fellowship Group

I stumbled upon this question, “Are you in a fellowship group in which you can honestly discuss the implications of holy living, be accountable and learn together how to grow as godly men and women?”

A little background on myself before I answer that question…

I am in a fellowship group but I do not feel that I am growing spiritually. It is not that I blame the group but I know myself that my personal time with God is insufficient. I have yet to reach to the point of total surrender to God. I just talk to Him in every little thing I do. I can’t concentrate in a specific hour to just reflect and pray yet. The most I do is to read a passage from the Bible and reflect for a moment.

I feel that I just have fellowship weekly as a routine. If I don’t attend, due to the small numbers of members in the group, we end up canceling cell group which is not fair to the others who can and want to fellowship together. Perhaps I am not open enough to share more problems but somehow, when compared to the other problems and incidents encountered by my other cell group members, I feel mine is insignificant and I am actually very blessed.

The others are very mature godly men and women with one very rapidly-growing godly woman too. They are well advance in their spiritual walk with God that and immersed in their own calling to serve God. I don’t feel left behind. I am in awe and wonder in how God works through His believers. They are examples of what God wants us to be.

Yes, we do learn from each other through example and experiences when we share during our discussion. That’s where we learn the implications of holy living. Somehow, we are accountable to each other through our attendance in cell group to make sure we don’t backslide. However, I feel that’s just on the surface.

Inside, I feel it is not enough. I feel that I am not really accountable to anyone as I have missed some cell group and weekly church celebrations without anyone knowing but myself. I feel I am not learning together how to grow as godly men and women. Instead, I am watching from the sidelines how others grow and blossom. I seem to be watching, observing and waiting.

Sometimes, I feel God wants me to be well-equipped and work within myself first. Hence, I am keen on attending seminars and bible study to learn. But I realized I am not quick to apply God’s word to my life. Sometimes, the words don’t stick on. It is kind of tiring but I feel there is a difference. Everyday, slowly, I noticed my understanding does improve.

So yes, I do get frustrated and angry. I do feel happy and glad. But most of all, I honestly believe that there is great purpose for me which I have yet to see or have not firmly decide on it. In the mean time, I pray that I’ll slowly grow and be of use to Him.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Oppression from People...

Oppression comes in many forms; not only physically or mentally. It does not only come in the form of military oppression but it is among us. Subtly or directly, we are always subjected to some form of oppression.

I normally ignore hurting remarks with a na├»ve heart of thinking all people are somehow good hearted with an uncontrollable sharp tongue at times. But today, I find it is somehow oppressing me and depressing me. It is already Monday (the first day of work)… and here you are, late from work because of unnecessary traffic jam from slow drivers who slow down at every little incidents or no reason at all. Mainly the traffic jam is due to the bottle-neck of five lanes from 3 different directions converging in to two lanes, leading out of town.

Then, here you are, the first face you see in the morning is the sulky receptionist. You casually grumbled that a client called you on Saturday morning to enquire for a file, thus spoiling your morning. (I work five days a week… supposedly). All she does is reply with a gleam of malice in her eyes saying, “Good for you. Who asked you to give your handphone number?” Irked, you just walked away. Reminded that, she asked you for your handphone number when she prepared for your name card….

Sigh. Another 5 days to go through before another weekend away from work.

Oppressed. Sure, but it’s still a long day. Might as well make the best out of it. Wonder what I’ll have for lunch. Mmmmm..