Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Phi Phi Island

Recently, I had the privilege to visit Phuket over the weekend. Despite being the off-peak season, there were still large number of visitors crowding Patong Beach. I truly enjoyed myself there, especially relaxing in the direct pool access rooms! :) (www.burasari.com) This is the hotel is where Keith Floyd's restaurant is.

Actually, I enjoyed more of the idea of having a swimming pool right in front of my room!! There is even a daybed in between the room and the pool. Nice nook for you and a good book. Even though the beach would be an equally good spot (minus the sun!!)

Patong Beach is truly lovely with the blue sky and white fluffy clouds dancing in the sky... We don't get such blue skies since we got plagued by the haze and dreadful air pollution. Our beaches back home is equally lovely but we have small baby waves. Hence, I was not that used to the bigger waves over in Phuket. (This is because Phuket is facing the Andaman ocean while Malaysia is safely surrounded by Thailand, Indonesia)

However, I got seasick during the ride to Phi Phi Island. Take a look on how strong the waves were during that day (that is IF I can upload the video I took of it).

Tsunami did destroyed Phuket... the underwater world for snorkelling does not look that great to my eyes. However, the hustle and bustle of tourists on the beaches are very much alive and back to business. Only one or two peddlers can be seen selling pictures, books and videos on Tsunami. Other than that, some might not have realised the destruction it endured few years back. After all, life goes on.

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