Monday, August 20, 2007

Oppression from People...

Oppression comes in many forms; not only physically or mentally. It does not only come in the form of military oppression but it is among us. Subtly or directly, we are always subjected to some form of oppression.

I normally ignore hurting remarks with a na├»ve heart of thinking all people are somehow good hearted with an uncontrollable sharp tongue at times. But today, I find it is somehow oppressing me and depressing me. It is already Monday (the first day of work)… and here you are, late from work because of unnecessary traffic jam from slow drivers who slow down at every little incidents or no reason at all. Mainly the traffic jam is due to the bottle-neck of five lanes from 3 different directions converging in to two lanes, leading out of town.

Then, here you are, the first face you see in the morning is the sulky receptionist. You casually grumbled that a client called you on Saturday morning to enquire for a file, thus spoiling your morning. (I work five days a week… supposedly). All she does is reply with a gleam of malice in her eyes saying, “Good for you. Who asked you to give your handphone number?” Irked, you just walked away. Reminded that, she asked you for your handphone number when she prepared for your name card….

Sigh. Another 5 days to go through before another weekend away from work.

Oppressed. Sure, but it’s still a long day. Might as well make the best out of it. Wonder what I’ll have for lunch. Mmmmm..

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