Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My 1st Project

This is my first project on site. The photo was taken towards the entrance towards the site before construction early this year (2007).

This 10-storey private college is not exactly my “baby” as I didn’t really get to involve with the initial design (the birth on paper). However, I am just equally happy to see it being built. It is like seeing a "child" growing up to a full building. :)

Construction started in April 2007 and after 5 months, the structure is up to the 8th floor at the back portion. It is constructed in phases from the back grids towards the front due to site constraint. It is a fast-track job using pre-stressed hollow core planks for the floor and cast-in situ columns and beams.

This photo is taken from the same angle as the 1st photo. Take note the new entrance on my right hand corner. Will post up the photo of the completed building when it is completed in March 2008! :)

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