Thursday, April 28, 2011

Temporary Home

The weather during these past few weeks emits a gloomy doomsday feel. During the day, the hot scorching sun makes me squints my small eyes further. Come evening, dark ominous clouds gather and give a sudden burst of rainfall causing flash floods, traffic jams and havoc to people below. The sudden changes of the drastic weather create an uncomfortable feeling.

However, life goes on. People go on with their lives. Perhaps the best analogy to use is how we look at the trail of ants carrying food from the source back to its nest. We may pour water on some ants and break the path. We may stomp on some of the ants. The rest of the ants would still go round the water and divert elsewhere to continue their journey. I wonder if God looks at us like how we look at ants.
I wonder… does this signal the end times?

As I typed this, a loud thunder roars above head. The skies have turned dark and it’s only 4.30pm. I dread the traffic home. Rain has started. I know the road home will be wet and certain parts flooded.

In a daze, I wonder what the point of this routine rush is back and fro through the harsh weather. What’s the point of getting stuck in traffic and worrying about the safety of the drive home?

I guess it’s only right to say I feel off-the weather about all this and have started to question the point of the mindless repetition of life. (Oh no, not again). But then I try to remember. This is just my temporary home. This is not THE END. This is just the transition before we go back to God.

I catch the lyrics “This is my temporary home” on the radio the other day and decided to google about it. It is a song sung by Carrie Underwood. When I watch the video clip, I felt touched… the portrayal of the “temporary home” for 3 scenarios: an orphan being adopted, a single mum looking for job/place for her and her daughter, and the dying man telling his loved ones that this is a temporary home.

In the bible, we are always told "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19 NIV). Hence, hearing this song reminds me so much of this verse as it reminds our impermanence in this world which most people forget in the midst of the rat race.

Enjoy the lyrics!

Temporary Home (sung by Carrie Underwood)

A little boy, six years old
A little too used to being alone
Another new mom and dad
Another school, another house that will never be home
When people ask him how he likes this place
He looks up and says with a smile upon his face

This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home

Young mom, on her own
She needs a little help, got nowhere to go
She's looking for a job, looking for a way out
'Cause a halfway house will never be a home
At night she whispers to her baby girl
"Someday we'll find our place here in this world"

This is our temporary home, it's not where we belong
Windows and rooms that we're passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where we're going
I'm not afraid because I know
This is our temporary home

Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
And he whispers
"Don't cry for me, I'll see you all someday"
He looks up and says
"I can see God's face"

This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This was just a stop on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know
This was my temporary home

This is our temporary home

Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

One Saturday morning, as I was driving to an extra class about 8am, I felt if only I was back in bed. It had rained earlier that morning, making it a cloudy cooling day - nice to stay in bed.

Then this song came into the airways from the radio... the first few lyrics echoed what I felt at that very moment

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything
I Just Wanna Lay In My Bed
Don't Feel Like Pickin' Up My Phone
So Leave A Message At The Tone
'Cause Today I swear I'm Not Doin' Anythin'

Song by Bruno Mars. Who is Bruno Mars? He sang the song "Billionaire" with Travie McCoy which has the catchy lyrics.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Angry Birds Attack Piggilot...

One day, my bf suspiciously took out something from a bag.. and threw it at me.

Lo and behold... Piggilot gets attacked by Angry Birds!!

Aren't they adorable? I remember checking them out in the Rovio website and wondered if I should even spend the money getting them.

Image borrowed from

I thought of comparing my plushies with the ones from Rovio but am too lazy to do it now.. haha

Piggilot = Pig
So I would have preferred the green pigs which people might not want, because they're so evil and mean for taking the birds' eggs.

But pigs are cute too!! :p

Hence, if you're really crazy about Angry birds and don't mind the cheap knock-off... go check out the garage sale in some of the forums around which are selling them. Mind you, since they're "hot items" now... it might be a little pricey for such plush toys but if your're a fan... it's nothing! Lol

Meanwhile, the birds are securedly arranged in my shelf to avoid unnecessary hostility in case they get angry and attack me... Hope they won't attack my other pink pigs in my shelf! Lol! If not imagine this..