Monday, April 04, 2011

Angry Birds Attack Piggilot...

One day, my bf suspiciously took out something from a bag.. and threw it at me.

Lo and behold... Piggilot gets attacked by Angry Birds!!

Aren't they adorable? I remember checking them out in the Rovio website and wondered if I should even spend the money getting them.

Image borrowed from

I thought of comparing my plushies with the ones from Rovio but am too lazy to do it now.. haha

Piggilot = Pig
So I would have preferred the green pigs which people might not want, because they're so evil and mean for taking the birds' eggs.

But pigs are cute too!! :p

Hence, if you're really crazy about Angry birds and don't mind the cheap knock-off... go check out the garage sale in some of the forums around which are selling them. Mind you, since they're "hot items" now... it might be a little pricey for such plush toys but if your're a fan... it's nothing! Lol

Meanwhile, the birds are securedly arranged in my shelf to avoid unnecessary hostility in case they get angry and attack me... Hope they won't attack my other pink pigs in my shelf! Lol! If not imagine this..


Bird of Paradise said...

Angry birds going after the green pig not the pink ones and espcialy a arrogant green pig wearing a crown

PiggiYing said...

I know it's supposed to be green pigs but I haven't have any at that moment. Had only pink pigs and scared the angry birds will attack them too. Lol I only bought the king green pig few weeks later.