Friday, May 02, 2008


When I was young, visiting Toys'R Us was a big thing. The toys all lined up the shelves neatly and I was awed by the numerous choices there was. Now, I find the magic gone but somehow, certain toys still managed to capture my inner child.

Before computer became so common place, my friends and I played the board games. After our exams, we had free time and so out came all the board games from: typical snake and ladder, checkers, chess, cards, to the more sophisicated games: monopoly, cluedo and the ever popular uno! I wonder what kids these days play during their free time in school. PSP? Nintendo? We only had tetris then but board and card games were a whole lot more fun!

Looking through the shelves in Toys'R Us, I saw some of these games' attempt to diversify their products. For example, Uno card has Uno stacko or various versions. My favourite game, Monopoly now has a local version-Malaysia version, Disney version and Now-and-then version (with updates places and more recent cost of properties)! There's also a girl's Monopoly version in a pretty little pink clothed box with pink dainty cards.

I don't like playing the computer version of Monopoly. I can't feel the roll of dice, shuffling of money, anticipation of opening the cards and also feeling the characters you get to choose to represent you when you move them! I usually choose the terrier!! :) This reminds me... I still want a dog!!

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