Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Body Shop Makeup Brush Set

I’m broke.. from indulging my sudden obsession with makeup brushes. Ha! You should see my collection now. (Will blog about it one of these days). Yet, I only use about 3-5 brushes only.

Well, I can control my expenditure since my pocket has a hole but my eyes have no restriction! ;)

I was in Bangsar Shopping Complex last Friday for lunch and I noticed a tremendous difference to the place. I couldn’t find the eatery I ate AGES ago… and settled down for Chilli’s which was well located in front.

However, I noticed new outlets in the newly-renovated portion like Kiehls, Body Shop, Locotaine.
Guess what I spotted in Body Shop? Some promotion for the opening of the store and a set of brushes I have never seen before in a pink coloured brush roll. I decided to google about it and found this:Imagine that! The people in the States can buy it for only USD19 from the normal price of USD90 with any purchase during a duration in March!

Sighh… how I wish Malaysia can have similar bargains… Shall I sneak the urge to have a second look or just close my eyes and try to find another obsession to replace this? (Preferably a cheaper one with no need to “buy”) tsk tsk..

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