Friday, August 01, 2014

Lego Minifigs Simpsons

I cannot believe it but yes, I started collecting Lego Minifigs Simpsons.

Why? Well, I'm a 80's baby who grew up watching Simpsons and when I saw how detail, delicate and cute the minifigs were.. I had to at least own the family set.

So I thought, then I continued on hunting for the rest of the minifigs and finally yesterday, got the last no. 16th minifig to complete my collection. I had to go to a few Toys'rus to grope through the packaging to guess which character it was. It was lucky that the first time I spotted these minifig, the sales girls knew which character was in which packaging and I got lucky when a man searching for his own set, gave me 2 characters I wanted.

Mind you, at RM11.90 each, it is not cheap when in total it costs RM190.40! Gasp... no wonder I am overspending.

And then, I saw... there is a Lego Simpsons House set......

Thank God, it is out of stock in Malaysia and my pocket is not deep enough to make me start this hobby.... But it's so cute!! Lol

Take a look at the creative way of displaying the minifigs! Will update with my way of displaying later. :)

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