Friday, August 01, 2014

16 month milestone: Self-feeding

Baby M has started self feeding himself last week during dinner. He can scope his cereal and soup. Finally found the suitable spoon for the job too. :) He doesn't eat too messily yet but he does in enjoyment, dunk his whole hands into the bowl to feel the texture of the soup ingredients and pour over all his little table.

 Self feeding on the way

Messy self feeding

 Ideal way of eating : In progress? :)

On reflection, I realised I did try letting him self feed earlier but he was not ready. When he was ready, he wanted to hold the utensils (even mine) and scoop food to feed himself. Eventually, he didn't want to be fed but wanted to feed himself.

The only problem is he doesn't get all the food inside his mouth because his motor control of scooping the food and putting into his mouth. Hence, the hunt for the right spoon began. Obviously, the easiest way to ensure food goes inside his stomach is to continue feeding him in between his attempts of self-feeding. ;)

As dear M doesn't want to chew rice that much, Avent spoon works well for feeding cereal. However, when it comes to drinking soup, the spoon is too shallow. By chance, MIL introduced the typical chinese soup spoon as shown below. It works wonders as it is deep enough to allow at least 1/3 of the soup left for M to sip. :)

 Chinese soup spoon

Other milestones which I didn't manage to note was finally drinking from the straw cup by himself without any prompting.. (Hunting for the right straw cup which doesn't leak is another entry by itself!! gosh!)

Speech development

After a niggling worry that my son is not even calling me "Mummy", he finally can call out to certain objects. He goes crazy seeing banana and will shout loudly "Baaaa". Technically, he also gets excited with shoes (meaning can go out) so he will say "Sssshhhhu".

Off hand: He has named banana, shoes, puff, ice, daddy.
Sign language he uses: Tooth brush, milk, food, asking for any object by pointing.

Signing for food

Am proud that he managed the past few months by pointing and staring right at you to get whatever he wanted before this. Now, I am trying to pretend I don't understand to encourage him to speak more.

Physical development

Yes, he has finally learn to let go my hands and run ahead after seeing my friend's 2 and half year old son doing it. Before this, he always pull our fingers/ hands along (as if getting our permission and company) to go anywhere. He still does it, but sometimes he let go to explore himself. I hope he will continue to hold on to our hands because I am reluctant to use the safety harness I bought as a backup. It really works like a dog harness but with our unsecured society, is always best to be safe than sorry.

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