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Gina's Breastfeeding Class Review

I stumbled upon Gina's class through her website: Love breastfeeding.

Coincidentally, my friend invited me to a few groups related with motherhood and also breastfeeding. That's where I found out about TBAN : The Breastfeeding Advocates Network in Facebook.

I saw their comments about the breastfeeding class and decided to signed up for it for my own knowledge. Based on the comments, apparently antenatal class only touches about less than an hour on breastfeeding while Gina's classes is about 4 and a half hours (will review the topics so you'll know why).

Hence, I paid the RM168 which consists of a teatime and her breastfeeding book called "Got Breast Milk?" which you can only buy in mummy/baby related retail outlets or from her directly.

I haven't read the book - will leave it for a book review next.

Classes are normally on one Saturdays from 1.30pm to 6pm in Bonda Villa, Kota Kemuning. The classes alternate from English language to Cantonese language.

What is Bonda Villa? Apparently the brainchild of Gina - a confinement centre with about 5 rooms to cater for mummies and their newborn babies during the first month (known as confinement month) to allow the mothers to rejuvenate without worries.

Description taken from the website:
Bonda Villa is the brainchild of 3 friends. With their entrepreneurial spirit they set up Bonda Villa Sdn Bhd to facilitate their vision of a modern breastfeeding friendly, post-natal confinement care service.

Bonda Villa aims to be an elite post-natal confinement care centre which follows healthy logical traditions, providing healthy and delicious meals, while giving super breastfeeding guidance and support. We aim to help the new mother and father gain the confidence to be the best parents for their baby

Class started about 1.40pm. Supposed to start at 1.30pm but due to traffic some couples arrived late.


Images taken directly from Gina's blog.
Off-hand, prices ranges from RM9k to RM11k (As of early 2013) depending on which bedroom, with or without en-suite bathroom and with or without television.  Contact them directly for more details.

Review of the Breastfeeding Class

Back to the class, started slightly late (10mins) due to traffic but in the end finished later.
Topics covered are as follows (based on my memory):

1. Gina's breastfeeding story (She shared her testimony about an hour on how she didn't know how to breastfeed her first child plus the discouragement of her family members. How during then in the 80's not much information on breastfeeding was found. When she moved to US, she got exposed to more info and help on breastfeeding and eventually by the time she has her 4th child, she fully breastfed him). She highlighted the benefits and difference between her BF children's health and the non-BF children's health.

2. Formula milk from cow - background on why it is unhealthy plus cow's milk allergy with some rough estimate on the cost for formula milk.

3.Breast milk production - contents, capacity of baby's stomach, types of milk (colustrum, transitional milk, matured milk)

4. Delivery tips: eg informing the nurses that you are breastfeeding. She highlighted nurses change shift so is important to tell the nurses all the time. Birth plan tips (more during Q&A)

5. Breastfeeding (BF) techniques - position to BF, how to ensure baby latches on to drink instead of comforting, equipment to aid insufficient breastmilk like lactation aid, spoon and syringe.
She only touched how to breastfeed during the last hour with slide shows and videos from the internet ( to show the correct and incorrect way a baby's latches on.

6. Food to increase breast milk e.g. fenugreek supplements, chicken boiled soup with black beans and red dates.

7. Common problems with breastfeeding, Types of breast pump. Milk storage.

There was a short break with organic soya milk, cakes, "ang ku" (sort of a promotion for the caterer who also does package for full moon gifts).

And obviously, have to have a little product promotion and introduction to the packages available in Bonda Villa. Good thing to note is that you can actually request for a week stay to get help on how to BF correctly. She couldn't give the price off-hand; so I would suggest that you call her directly.

Most of us bought the postpartum mesh panties which is fully covered unlike the normal disposable bikini style panties. RM31 for 5 pieces. Some even bought the pre-packed herbal bath or the fenugreek pills (to increase breastmilk supply).

On a whole, technically, this class is lengthier because she shares her own personal experience and goes into the extra length to explain why she thinks formula milk is unhealthy. Only complaint is the plastic chairs is definitely very uncomfortable for people for the whole 4-5 hours duration, let alone pregnant women!!

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