Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maternity clothing: Sharing is saving!

I never expected generosity to come to me during my pregnancy.

Seriously, it is really not worth getting new wardrobe for pregnancy body shape (unless you intend to stay in your pregnancy shape after you delivered!)

So thank you my dear friends.. :)

1. B for lending me her pregnancy clothes especially the long pants and some nice tops for work.
 - Tips: Do get these kind of stretchable black pants especially from Scarlet Jusco which are quite affordable. Also if you can get those with stretchy support at your tummy - it's the comfiest! :)

2. S for loaning me 2 nice tops for work.
3. A for passing to me some nice pregnancy dresses even though during the last few weeks of my pregnancy

I also managed to find bargains from Miki Maternity under the Padini group. They have out-of-season or clearance corner for RM19 each! I've bought a nice pair of jeans and comfy t-shirts from there.

Hence, remember your mother friends who might have stored some maternity clothing deep in their wardrobe and don't mind sharing around or passing on the clothes if they have decided enough children! :)

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