Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Review: Praying Through Your Pregnancy

My friend was telling me I should pray for my unborn child and emailed me some material which consists of praying a part of the baby weekly. Hence, since she only e-mailed me in my 2nd trimester, I thought I should get a book which will guide me to pray weekly for my child. Finally, in the beginning of my 3rd trimester I managed to go to Canaanland and found a book which fits my requirement. Better late than never!

Praying Through Your Pregnancy

I've started reading from week 28 onwards to now week 39.
Gosh time flies...  initially, my doctor mentioned my baby is underweight and might deliver early but during a growth spurt in between week 30 and 35, I managed to gain 3kg myself which consists of 0.7kg for my baby making him no longer underweight..

Phew, but now doctor says he might be big!! Argh.. never ending worry and he might come out late. My doctor requested I walk more and do more housework to allow a more smoother delivery... Here comes the worries.

Hence, reading this book, has helped me understand other expectant mother's worries too as shown in the short experiences at the beginning of each chapter. For example, I'm worried about delay so I skipped to week 41 in the book which the authoress shared her experience of delayed birth. She shared God's plan and time in when her baby will be borne. I learn to be patient and respect God's plan too for my child.

In fact, when I heard about my friend's baby in breach position at the week 36 which caused her to have a C-section, I was worried. Reading chapter 38 shows the miracle whereby the authoress' baby turn at the last minute so that she didn't need to have a C-section delivery. Praise the Lord! :)

Excerpt of the contents taken from Amazon.

I do highly recommend this book or anything similar to help you focus to pray your baby in your womb and yourself too as it reminds you that God has already plan everything for your child. You should not worry and leave it to God. :)

I pray God will give me a smooth delivery of my baby boy and pray He will learn to listen, respect and fear God. I pray God will use my child to His purpose. Thank you for protecting me and my child during these past 39 weeks and I hope God will continue to cover us with the blood of Jesus.

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