Monday, February 18, 2013

Virtual shopping spree

 I learned another way to shop virtually.

What some "mothers" did is to go to warehouse sales and take picture of the stuff there. They will post the pictures in the Facebook group you are in. If you are interested, you can send a private message to the mother and she will help you buy. It is good because good deals are usually on the first day of the warehouse sales which falls on the weekday (working day). Hence, full-time working mums (FTWM) will grab the opportunity to get help. Or if you have friends going and don't mind getting on your behalf if you roughly know what you want.

It's good that I have helpful friends and helpful "mothers" to help me buy stuff during warehouse sales. In fact, I'm quite amazed of the extend some "mothers" do. Some take orders and help to buy for the others on top of their own purchases. Some charge a percentage of fee or some just do it for free out of own good will. :)

If not, you have to take leave and queue as shown in the picture below which I found online for the recent Mattel warehouse sales.

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