Monday, July 05, 2010

10,000th Visitor (updated)

Updates: Congrats to Sherry for being the 10,000th Visitor! Hope you'll like your gift! :)

Wow.. look at the visitor count:

My humble personal blog managed to get quite a number visitors. My friend commented I should celebrate but I told her this is for fun. It's not like I'm making money. In fact, this blog initially started as a private blog for me to vent my frustrations and creativity juices. I just so love "writing" or in this sense, typing away.

Anyway, as a highlight, if you're the lucky...

10,000th Visitor... please capture screen of the live traffic feed when you drop by my blog. A special gift awaits you... which is a H20+ Aquatics Bath Set worth RM59!

 From your left: Natural Spring Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Natural Spring Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz), Poolside Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Poolside Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz) , Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Clearwater Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz)

There are 3 sets of sampler: Poolside, Clearwater and Natural Spring which comes in a handy clear bag (which can be used as a cosmetic bag for traveling too!). Each set has body bath and a body balm. Additional details on the ingredients can be found here. I will post to you by Pos Laju (only within Malaysia only). Good luck!

*Additional goody: Be my follower and be the first to blog about this giveaway and I will post to you an ELF kabuki face brush! ;) 


Sherry said...

wish me luck :D

Sherry said...

yay I got it so how send you the image?

Sherry said...

blogged winning :D

PiggiYing said...

wah? Did u refresh my blog so many times ar? :P

Congrats!! E-mail me your mailing address. I'll post it this Saturday.

Sherry said...

I have send email to you :D

I know I am not alone to visit your blog that time