Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Movie Review: Toy Story 1,2 & 3 (spoiler alert)

Why should you watch Toy Story 3?

Well, firstly, you need to take the following steps:

Watch Toy Story 1 (check)
Watch Toy Story 2 (check)

Fall in love with Pixar animations in between. :D
Then watch Toy Story 3!

Why? I personally think, you should see the history of the toys (the characters) in the previous installment to really appreciate why Woody chose to be with his buddies no matter what.

Brief historical recap (without any references.. wohoo!)
Toy Story 1 introduces the Andy's toys in his bedroom and the favourite toy, Woody (the cowboy) feels threatened with the arrival of a new toy, Buzz Lightyear. He plots to rid of Buzz who initially thought he was the real character Buzz Lightyear from Star Command. In the end, friendship blossomed through their adventures together against the evil neighbour boy. Woody and Buzz become best of buddies. I love the song "You've Got a Friend in me" by Randy Newman.
Take note how proud they are when they get marked with the word "Andy."

Toy Story 2 continues with the adventures of Andy's toys which became a mishap when Woody got kidnapped by the "chicken man" Al. He was kidnapped as the last collector's item for the Woody's Roundup to be sold off to Japan. Initially, he was determined to escape but soon felt sad for the other gang: Jessie the cowgirl, his horse Bullseye and the Prospector.

The touching part is when Jessie recollects how she was abandoned by her previous owner. She was left in a box by the road side when her owner grew up. The song worth noting here is "When She Loved Me" written by Randy Newman and performed by Sarah McLachlan.

In the end, the other toys came to rescue Woody and they all escape back to Andy's room minus the evil Prospector.

Toy Story 3 starts with Andy all grown up and ready to go to college. (I find this a little sad - it's like seeing your son leave and having the empty nest syndrome which was shown briefly with the mum looking so sad at the empty room). Andy's toys have been limited to those few favourites with many given away such as Woody's girlfriend - Bo Peep.

The story then shows that Andy decides to bring Woody to college with him and keep the rest in the attic. Unfortunately, while he was keeping the other toys, they were accidentally thrown away as trash. The other toys were upset and found out about a daycare called Sunnyside. Woody tried to persuade them to come back but the rest of the toys thought being played by kids in a daycare would be better than being kept in an attic.

Unfortunately, a cuddly-pink-strawberry-fragrant bear, Lotso, is a tyrant who bullies the new toys there. Take note of all the villains in each movie. Woody tries to rescue the gang in an elaborate, hilarious feat.

In the end, the most touching scene to me is when Woody packs himself with the rest of toys to be given to a little girl. The way they drew Andy's reluctance to be parted with Woody is so real and heart-wrenching. But he knows that it's time for him to move on and perhaps, Woody will bring more memories to the little girl. The last moment he plays with Woody and the gang... Awww.. You have to watch this movie! There's the little romantic scene of Buzz and Jessie too with the tango!! ;)

Hence, remember to keep your toys carefully or pass it on to the younger children who might have more cherished moments with the world of creativity and toys!

p.s. I bought a Woody action figure in HK Disneyland last time... lol!! I also have a pair of Mr and Mrs Potato Head (but it's different from Toy Story's) because of this movie. All still kept in their boxes though... hmmm... Hope they don't as bitter as the Prospector!

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