Monday, July 05, 2010

Staying Young

I was reading one of the rules in The Rules of Life by Richard Templar which made me paused and wonder. What it is? Rule 44 says "Stay Young".

Hence, how do we stay young?

Physical youth
For a few months, I was trapped in the typical perception of physical youth. I've noticed the aged skin on my face which lost its usual youthful suppleness. I started to worry and noticed the worry lines on my forehead. Then I started looking for minuscule lines and pigmentation which were not there before this.

(You've seen all those older men with 3 frown lines on their forehead? How do you prevent that?? Besides having bangs.. lol)

I contemplated getting little tubes of hardly a few ml but cost hundreds of Ringgit eye serum/cream to help prevent the "aging factor" I contemplated to start on anti-aging skincare products. I contemplated in forgoing all those "unhealthy" yet delicious food in the name of beautiful skin. (Unnecessary contemplation... )

Mental Youth
I think the rule speaks about thinking you are young and acting young. There are many examples of people in their 70's, 80's or even older who can climb mountains quickly and healthily compared to young youth these days. Forget about our unhealthy lifestyle for the moment and think. Wow.. your grandfather still can run and even outrun a 20 year old kid (who most likely sits in front of the pc and play games all day than do any sport)

So I told myself, "Think young, act young. And in your heart, you can always be young."
Hence, I'm doing a spot check on my actions these days. Have I been acting young?

Actions which are NOT young!
1. Nagging like an aunty (Yes, I've done that)
2. Giving advice to younger generation and comparing with your own yesteryear (Err.. I've done that)
3. Look at people a few years older than you and think you're older than them
4. Dress maturely all the time
5. Suppress urge to do silly things (lol)
6. Follow the law and avoid the rebellion at heart...


Emotional Youth
How then? Do you feel young?

1. By telling yourself (I know it's deceiving but no harm brain-washing yourself) that you are young and forever young...

2. By being with younger people? Hmmm...

3. By letting your inner child run rampant? Sounds risky

I don't know. But I do know that after reading that rule, I've decided on a few changes.

My Action Plan
1. Do not worry about my facial skin that much.  (I actually read somewhere that the side effects to consuming roaccutane is aged skin - hence, that's the reason why I aged this year suddenly)

2. Do more aggressive activities. (If I don't do now, will I do it when I get older? No...)

3. Take up more daring new challenges. (Still brainstorming about this)

4. Take more photographs (studio would be better but minus the photoshop) You will never look this good again! lol

5. To be added progressively... ;)

My advice to all: Carpe diem! Who cares what other people think? Just do the things you always want to do and perhaps.. face the consequences later. Lol. Have fun and stay young!

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