Monday, January 04, 2010

10 Rules to follow during a “Shopping Diet”

Potential new resolutions to help you keep to your "Shopping Diet":

1. Do not bring out any cash when you go out
2. Do not bring out any credit card when you go out
3. Do not go to shopping malls
4. Do not go to sales
5. Do not go out – period
6. Do not browse online shopping website / blogshops/ garage sales
7. Do not go online
8. Do not read warehouse sales blogs or bargain blogs
9. Do not earn money – no money, no spending power
10. Bring your other half along to your shopping outings with the complete mandate to disallow you to buy anything

Well? Sounds impossible? I’ve tried no. 3 but then I turn to no. 6 so there goes my money. (To think I wanted to sell my junk – but I bought more stuff online instead! Ha! I’ve learned to pre-order from US sprees too… oh no!)

Yesterday, I tried no. 1 and no. 2 because bf says we’re going to FRIM to check out the canopy walk. (will blog about this later). I happily surrendered my IC and driver’s license to him; thinking it’ll be easier not bringing anything.

Alas, he had the desire to look for something in Midvalley Megamall after brunch. Coincidentally it is the last day and “special hours” for HSBC cardholders to shop with 20X points. He hates going Midvalley because we take more than half hour to find a car park the last few times we went there.

Earn up to 20X Reward Points when you swipe your HSBC Credit Card at participating merchants of MidValley Megamall, The Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza from 26 November 2009 till 3 January 2010.

I spotted a pair of Mary Janes shoes which was 50% off. I spotted some other sales which I didn’t even bother walking in to take a look. I tried a few tops and dresses which I might have bought if I had the cash/card.

In the end, I only bought a necessity I need which I had to borrow $$ from bf. (On the other hand – I guess it can be considered as a gift from him. Haha)

Hence, I survived a day without really shopping… Pat myself on my back - reluctantly!!


Anonymous said...

Boo! Cheating wan

PiggiYing said...

hahah what cheating? It's a shopping diet.. technically I didn't spend.. haha or if u read my earlier post.. I reduce shopping. :P

Hey.. my pc hang after u send me msg!! arghh so how ur gift hunting?