Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shopping Diet

I’ve been using this term for the past 2 months. My friend exclaimed, “You bought something? I thought you said you were on a shopping diet?”

I started reflecting on the term and came to this conclusion.

When a person goes on a diet (from food), he or she does not totally stop eating altogether. He reduces his intake and controls the choices of food he takes.

It’s the same with my “shopping diet”. I define it as discouraging myself to “binge” into shopping by avoiding temptation – don’t go to shopping malls or bring a grouchy friend who scowls horribly when you try to shop (ahem). Avoid shopping malls during PMS or when you’ve shopping-diet for a long duration.

My friend complained that I did not fulfill my shopping diet because I bought a few items. I guess it’s learning to differentiate between needs and wants. It’s also important to priorities which needs are more important and so forth.

Hence, the things I bought which my friend complained are 2 books during a book launch (which I didn’t read at all). My other friend didn’t stop me from buying.. (you know who you are).. lol.. Tempted me with the buying 3 at a discount rate… ahhaha But the most important person to stop myself should be me. Not saying I regretted. It’s a nice book on my shelf. Haha Plus autographed by the author (Another excuse to myself)

Other items I have bought since then are skincare (I need it and the price is going up next month), working shirts (50% off and the cutting fits me perfectly), Christmas presents, makeup items (it’s on sale!!) etc.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to you all? Notice the excuses I tell myself in brackets? Anyway, to make things worse, my goal of throwing/reducing my stuff to 50% is moving very slowly… hopefully forward and not backwards! I’ve even reduced my dateline to end of January 2010. Wish me luck! Yikes!

P.S. Anyone interested in my collection of books? Been slowly “snail-pace” selling them off in lowyat.net.

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