Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What’s your “little pig”?

I spent a lovely weekend with my friends having a makan-makan (eating) trip down to Penang. For the really first time, I had 5 meals in a day to sample all the hawker food down in Penang but I’m still not the type of person to crave for Penang food. Well, maybe one step closer to Penang-food-lovers because I have yet to eat the porridge with fried pig’s innards! ;)

Anyway, I’ll blog about my food escapades later.

First, I love this “pig” phrase my friend used. She is blessed with a no-worries-heart which allows her to sleep easily and anywhere. When I exclaimed my envy (I am worry-wart who needs to sleep in a proper room), she told me this.

I have a little pig inside of me.” Hence, she can easily sleep anytime and anywhere.

The image of a sleeping pig inside of her flashes through my mind.

I think most of us have this “little piggy” in us; depending on which characteristics.

My little piggy inside of me is the type who would love to jump into a puddle of mud and wallow around (not literally!!) I would love to just jump into my un-made bed and “wallow” in the comfort of it without bothering about the mess and things I have to do. Yes, it’s called plain-‘ol-laziness. Hahaha… Just like “Lil Piggy” pet on my right here..

However, I don’t get the luxury to do that. Well, maybe sometimes… *grin*

And for most Malaysians, our “little piggy” likes to gobble down all the luxurious good food in our country… which will be shown in the next post. Greedy piggy...

So, what’s the “little piggy” in you?

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