Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post-Christmas 2009 – Part 2

Christmas Dinner

My cell group had a little get-together this year over a member’s place. It was pot-luck night and I, being single, got the easiest task of bringing fruits. Lazy me bullied my dad to buy a watermelon and helped me cut it too.

Images are not of the real events. Googled them up to liven up my entry. Hehe

Gosh – should have taken pictures of the food, will get some pictures from other members who did take some. We had a very Malaysian array of food: nasi lemak with spicy and yummy sotong sambal (even though it stings my mouth – I continued having seconds of the sambal… hahahah), fried mihun, chicken curry, beef rendang, chai kueh, stuffed taufu, fried meat rolls, fried fish ball, pineapple jelly, chocolate cake, fruitcake, watermelon and a few others I did not try.

We started the night with dinner then ice-breaking games. I wasn’t involved in organizing any of the events for the night so this is a guest’s point of view. The guy in-charge brought a bedsheet – I was puzzled.

We had a game whereby the bedsheet separated 2 groups of people like the badminton net. Then a random few would be selected to hide behind the sheet. When the sheet is dropped, the person who shouts out the name of the other person over the sheet first wins. Laughter filled the air with slow response or naughty participants who change their name tags.

Images are not the real events. Googled to liven up my entry. Hehe

Few games later, we sang Christmas carols with the cell leader, expertly strumming the guitar. A fellow member shared his testimonial on how God has helped him through his tough times. Never knew that about him but I hope his sharing has touched some.

We ended the night with a last Christmas carol “We Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” and present-exchange sessions. :)

I hope my friend enjoyed myself somehow and will be a little open this kind of events. I wanted her to experience herself how a Christmas get-together by cell members was done. :)

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