Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Upcoming Entries

Oh no, this is a first for me. I have a to-blog-list. I’ve been away outstation the last few weekends for weddings and all. The radiant bride and charming groom dominates the night. But nobody will notice the punctual guests who attend all these weddings. *Shrug* Except our growling stomach ! lol.. Anyway, to my dearest friends – I had a lovely time at your weddings! :) Got to meet up old friends, dress up and photograph each other like mad!

Here are the upcoming entries I haven’t had the time to sit down to properly blog about and some teasers!

1. Cosmetic Storage
Do I just put into clear plastic boxes? Nice woven baskets? Strewn over the table? Or stuffed into the cosmetic bag and pour them out when I need them? Alas – I found the perfect solution in Singapore.

2. Hotel Review: Hangout @Mt. Emily
I was eyeing this hotel 2 years back when it just opened. The reviews were great and it seemed affordable. I managed to stay there this time around. Took pictures of the rooms we stayed.

3. Food Review: Ipoh Lunch (before Penang makan-makan)
Armed with information and a map from food reviews online, we searched for the famous food

4. Food Review: Day 1 – Penang
4 girls went to 2 locations with lots to eat for a tea-time snack!

5. Food Review: Day 2 – Penang!
Just 3 locations for 6 dishes for lunch

6. Parking Rates around
Pay parking on ALL days including public holidays? Pay parking almost 24 hours a day? What are the rules?

7. Elf Product Review
My haul arrived within 1 month of ordering from the spree but I have yet to test it out except one.

8. Eye-makeup Product comparison
I got 3 different brands to test out their effect – first time doing this but I was curious with the huge price difference for the same product

9. Online Shopping Review : Acmamall.com
I have been delaying this review because the items I got from there are Christmas presents!

10. Earrings Storage 2
I've mentioned how I kept my earrings before but it's worth repeating because I got this for my friend's birthday! I didn't realised there are more patterns around which are worth considering. I even saw one in a reindeer shape in a shop display. Where can I get that?

In the meantime, I guess these will be my “homework” on the upcoming public holidays I’ll be having – every Friday for 4 weeks! Yipee! :)

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