Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On-going "renovation"

I've collected some images to edit for my new banner but my pc is sick and I have no Adobe Photoshop to use! *sniff*

I've resorted to using Paint.net but I am having problems finding a way to rotate the images (like transforming it through skew, free transform) which I normally do in Photoshop..

How? *Wailing*

Now this is the temporary banner I have with shabbily pasted imaged into it. Oh well.. .stay tune till my pc recovers. Sniff... How? Can this do?

I don't intend to put a picture of myself in. Need to model my 'Lil Piggy in front of a sumptious meal soon for the 3rd picture.

Explanation of the pictures:(from your left to right)
1. 'Lil Piggy playing with Elf makeup
2. 'Lil Piggy reading comics: Little Lulu
3. Me eating yummy dessert - to be replaced by 'Lil Piggy!! ;)

To be continued...

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