Friday, December 18, 2009

Party anyone?

I’m dying to throw a Christmas party but my place is still being constructed and the other units are still wall-less. Have to wait at least 2 more years? *Sniff*

I’ve attended some nice get-together over friend’s place and dinners for festive celebration or just for fun. Imagine holding a barbeque or just having simple pot-lucks with close friends or family in your own place (don’t think about the backscene of preparing and cleaning for now)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice big well-equip kitchen like all those chefs (Jamie Oliver, Martha Steward , Nigella, etc) and cook lovely delicious meals for your parties? (assuming whatever you cook turns out yummy).

Then like the series: Party Planner, you create a theme to decorate your place with the right colour for napkin and baubles plus nice door gifts. Then you even have time to create handmade invites in lovely cardboard with nice stenciling… Don’t forget those cupcakes that it’s in the craze now. Perhaps you can even whipped up a few dozen of those delicate cupcakes. If only..
Now, I’ve resorted to eating in posh-expensive restaurants (which are over-rated sometimes) with my friends to test the food and have a nice time together. Besides burning a hole in my pocket and leaving such a huge crater, I sometimes wish for a simpler dining setting which is friendly to me and my pocket.

Mind you, eating out is great with the nice ambience – no frills of preparation, cooking and washing. But sometimes, I wish I can try it out myself. I admit, I’m not really a cook – the last I cooked was when I was in university just for myself and occasionally for some friends.

I have only cooked Chinese food which is normally food I like to eat. I have yet to try others – as students, it’s mainly to fill your stomach and cravings. I had a craving once for eggs – so I bought a dozen and cook all sort of egg dish for that week. I had fried egg, half-boiled eggs, French toast, scrambled egg, egg salad, etc. and not all in a day, mind you! ;)

I wonder, when my place is finally ready, would I really sit down and prepare all those just to throw a party? Hmmm… in the meantime, keep those invites coming and I’ll be honoured to be your happy guest to contribute to the fun and noise! ;) (Thick skinned enough to self-invite… haahaha) Merrry Christmas!


SL said...

I'll have mine on Christmas eve and will be making roast chicken with all the trimmings, Jamie Oliver's style (well actually, I'm copying the recipe from his web site) :-)

SL said...

Oh yeah.. Merry Christmas. Unfortunately I have missed the last posting date for Christmas cards, due to my laziness. Sorry... :-)

PiggiYing said...

*envious* Are you inviting me over for Christmas? Hehe Need to sprout wings to fly over first. haha

That's ok.. no Christmas card.. I'll accept roasted chicken- Jamie Oliver's style.

Hey, you should try "turducken" (stuff a duck into a chicken, then stuff into a turkey). I wonder how that'll work. You cook separately or all together (which might take sometime)! ;) Meerrryyy Christmas!