Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Christmas 2009 – Part 1 & Mini Food Review: Roasted duck - Restauran Sunrise

How was your long weekend? Enjoyed eating out with family and friends? Shopping for gifts? Receiving gifts? Giving gifts? :)

Christmas Eve Dinner

Well, Christmas for me this year is rather fruitful with activities. My family and I had a simple Christmas dinner with roasted turkey, lamb shank, sushi (my mum likes this), otak-otak sticks (brought directly from Johor by my brother) and a few other side dishes.

Roasted turkey was pre-ordered from Bandar Botanic Clubhouse (which ordered elsewhere) and it was dry.. dry.. dry… It was accompanied by mushroom sauce (which doesn’t taste like it) and cranberry jam. Don’t really like the turkey this year. Oh well… Sorry no pics – too lazy to take. Lol. I know the combination is very “rojak” and Malaysianised.

Christmas Morning

On Christmas day, brought a few friends to church with me to listen to 3 Christmas song sung by our 1st Malaysian Idol, the lovely elegant lady dressed in the traditional sari. One of my friend happily told me that she announced to her friends that she’s going to a concert in a church.. Lol.

Sr. Pastor preached about searching for things in life. He even showed images of this one person who placed a signage right in front of his bungalow saying something like this, “I don’t like you. Don’t come to my bungalow. I will call the police” (paraphrased by me as I don’t have photographic memory) He relates about how important it Is between relationship with one another and ultimately, with God. Material wealth can never give the inner peace and joy we all long for.

Mini Food Review: Restauran Sunrise, Seapark, PJ

After that, we had a lovely lunch despite queuing (and being ignored) at Restaurant Sunrise, Seapark to eat the roasted duck. I think we waited for more than half an hour just to be sitted before even getting to order. Luckily, my friends found the wait worth it to eat the duck rice or in another friend’s words, “It’s the company which makes the meal good.”

It cost us RM59.80 for a whole roasted duck, 5 plates of rice and 5 drinks. (RM49 for the whole duck.) We were served with a bowl of soup each (rather salty but appetizing) The roasted duck is rather greasy but the crispy roasted skin is worth the wait. Yummy. The meat is tender and easy to slice with fork and spoon. It is served with the chilli (which is more sour than spicy) and the dark sauce.

Other detailed reviews can be found here.

Some site gives this information:
Tel: 03-7876 9689
Business hours/days:
11:30am to 2pm (or until sold out)
Closed every Monday

Got my friends a little gift each – please don’t have to get me something back in future! :) Just want to pass on the spirit of giving.

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