Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someday my Prince will come...

Remember the song sung by Snow White in the Disney animation: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Someday, my Prince will come... la la.. la la.. la laaa..

Well, I had a funny dream last night with a glimpse of the silhouette of my Prince.

The term "prince" appeared in my dream because I was watching this TV series, Kings which was about a fictional Kingdom of Gilboa, a modern absolute monarchy. More details can be read about it from the link but basically, I just remember watching a tyrannial "Queen" who did her best to protect her son, the "Prince". It was my first time watching that series - so I didn't quite knew what it was about.

My dream was a modern-age daily event whereby I knew my Prince was nearby and we were about to do something wonderful together when I reluctantly forced myself to wake up.

Siggghhh.... when I woke up, I couldn't really remember the dream and the details but I remember the silhoutte of my Prince as in the lingering presence in my mind... Sighh..

Then reality sets in and I was late leaving for work. Lol! Thankfully, traffic is good these days.

My heart thumps trying to recall my dream which I cannot remember but hope to dream again someday. Lol

No more silly romantic love stories for me these few days! ;)

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