Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Makeup Obsession: Part 1 - Makeup Brushes

I can finally announce that I really, really, really spent on makeup for my first time in my life this year. I know, it’s quite late for a girl to pick up on makeup but at least now I can confidently makeup myself. Lol (Shows you how “tom boy” or indifferent I used to be to the world of cosmetic and beauty.)

I used to own some lipsticks from mum and freebies from magazine (which I didn’t really use – regretting now) and a set of makeup brushes I asked my mum to buy from me – never knew how to use till this year.

Lets start with the tools first..

This is how my makeup brushes collection look liked. I got my mum to buy me the set of 4 makeup brushes from Beauticontrol. (At that time, I kept them and never used). The brush roll has started peeling; so I threw it away. I got those brow grooming brushes from pharmacist. The only proper tool I bought and used was the eyelash curler from Bodyshop for events.

Came 2009 and my makeup brushes collection became like this:

PG Brush Travel Set from
I went into online shopping and was interested in getting a compact travel set makeup brushes. I stumbled upon this PG brush travel set for RM65 from the user hinale in I decided on synthetic brushes after reading the comments there because it shed less, less smell and is very soft. (The smaller brushes in the black pouch)

Yet, I didn't really used it except for the blush brush. At that moment, I was busy googling about the different types of makeup brush and trying to figure out which is the blush or powder brush. (Noob here)

Stila brushes
Then I found out about Stila closing down sales and grabbed 3 brushes for myself at RM30 each. The remaining Stila Brush no. 8, 21 and 27 was obtained from a personal shopper, Miu around RM60-RM100 each.

Everyday Minerals Brush
I bought Stila Contouring Trio at this time and checked out YouTube on how to use it. Then, I looked for an angled blush brush as shown in the tutorial to contour my cheeks. I got the EDM angled brush from Everyday Minerals range (bought from at RM36. It's really soft! Love it!

ELF Makeup Brushes

I noticed many people raving about this 1USD eyeshadow brush by ELF and got one myself to try. It's really fluffy and compact to collect the right amount of eyeshadow for me. Then, I started checking out online sprees and got myelf a few ELF Studio brushes range at 3USD each. I got myself 2 brushes to compare with Stila in terms of function which I have yet to do. I even got the Face Kabuki Brush which was given very good ratings online but have yet to test it out.

I was eyeing a few more other brands but thankfully, looked at the holes in my pocket and stopped myself..

In short, I only now use a blush brush (Estee Lauder blockbuster set) from my mum, Beauticontrol Powder brush, PG eyebrow brush, Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush (will demo the difference between the two), Stila eye liner brush, eyeshadow brushes from Watson and Elf. Looking into getting a lip brush.
(can't edit my pictures to show you which brush is which - next time)

I haven't used the other brushes because I "sayang" them.. haha meaning I'm willing to just keep them new and unused. Well, I think I will test the rest next year.

Not bad for a beginner? Haha Did I manage to catch up to you other “expert” gals out there? Someone is going to harp on me about spending so much for cosmetics after seeing this entry and the next!

P.S. Wanted to take nicer pictures of my makeup brushes but kind of lazy to arrange them... so you'll have to endure my mediocre photography using my handphone first. He he..

Next entry: 2009 Makeup Obsession: Part 2 - The Cosmetic Products

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