Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping: Tealight Candle Holder

‘Tis the season to be jolly.. Fa la la la lah… la la la lah..

Are you in the Christmas mood? I dread this season. It’s raining all the time, money flies out my pocket and I have to eat lots! Sound like a pouting child?

Well, just kidding.. Obviously, I like this season especially now… It’s the end of the year!

Usually, we have a number of public holidays in December i.e. Christmas & New Year! Coincidentally, a few public holidays fall on every Friday in 4 weeks in a row this year! :) My ideal figure for a weekend – 3 days!

Everyone is busy shopping for presents, preparing festive meals and going for long holidays. I regretted not buying extra stuff to be given as Christmas gifts…

I’m keeping all these 3 tealight candle holders for myself. I got them in one of the shopping malls in Singapore (can’t recall which as I was too tired carrying my luggage and shopping).

Isn’t the painting of the Christmas scene just "divinely lovely and Christmasy"? (sorry, out of adjectives.. haha) I was taken by the cute little angel. Santa could have been cuter but I guess this one seems more artisy.

But pause for a moment, didn’t we celebrate Christmas not too long ago? Another year has gone by? It’s time to check my list of resolutions to see if I have accomplished anything. If not, I will continue to carry forward my resolutions to infinity...

I know a few resolutions I have been carrying forward… will reveal next time!

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