Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Earring Organiser – Part 2

Here’s a Christmas gift idea for you all! You still have time to order it and get it delivered directly to your house!

I’ve been eyeing this kind of earring stand for almost a year. It's because you can put quite a lot of earrings and rotate it around (like browsing in shops) to pick the one you like!

Normally, these stands are used by the accessories shop selling earring. However, some kind soul-cum-business women/men out there have started selling the stands directly to consumers.

So far, I’ve noticed this seller in is selling a wide array. I’ve bought a butterfly earring stand for my friend’s birthday gift. Hope you like your gift, Alina! :) We even enhanced the "butterfly" theme by buying her additional items: butterfly earrings and butterfly bracelet!

This is the chronological event of the transaction:
20 Nov - Paid item to seller
23 Nov - Seller posted item
24 Nov - Received item

I find the process efficiently done after payment and speedy delivery with the courier service. However, be clear when you place your orders. I couldn't really order with the chinese characters as I've never learn Mandarin.
Back to the earring stands - My personal concern initially was the material it was made of. I wondered if it would create some sort of reaction to the earrings. Hence, I’ve asked some of the earlier buyers who assured me that their earrings are still fine.

Next, I didn’t have any flat surface left to display my earrings – let alone this stand. Lastly, I was worried about dust on my earrings and the moisture.

Hence, I’ve still stored my earrings in the colourful pillboxes I’ve blogged about earlier.

However, I still wish I have the space to put such lovely-looking-earrings stands because it’s way more convenient to pick and chose your earrings in front of a mirror! (unlike pillboxes which require you to open it up). It’s beauty versus functionality!

*Note: Pictures are taken from the thread selling the item. I do not get a commission for promoting the seller's thread. Just wanted to share my gift ideas here and I noticed the price is reasonable*

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