Thursday, April 02, 2009

Earring Organiser

Someone commented that my blog is getting more ‘girly’ and makeup-orientated. Sorry-loh… that’s the “in” thing I am into for now. I am quite seasonal so watch out for my other crazy infatuation in the coming months.

Anyway, there was one season (few years back) when I was crazy about accessories – custom earrings. I have a boxful of them which I carelessly throw them in a jumbled mess in this red jewellery box I got from Watsons. Some I would carefully keep them into little zipper transparent bags. I usually have to literally dig out my earrings and untangle some pairs!!

I always wondered how I am going to organise them. I found some nice stands for earrings display (like in the shops) being sold in but the seller never replied. There were also the typical black velvet laid box with a plastic cover but more of display than practical. From googling, I found this blog: Tranquility Spot showing interesting earrings frame and stands.

Anyway, I was estatic when I saw these little cuties!! Plastic compartmentalized boxes (pill boxes actually) which easily can arrange my little earrings also larger ones. :) I found them in the 100yen shop. Wohoo!

Here is how I can placed all my little earrings into their own boxes according to colours!! So cutee!! Aren't they adorable? :)
I'm going to get another few to arrange my other accesories - perhaps the bigger compartment ones like this.

If only I have the sliding wardrobe with drawers to place all of them neatly inside instead of a shelf. :P I can always wish....

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