Monday, April 20, 2009

Spooked out

I am not weak-hearted by nature but after several rounds of ghost-story telling in secluded areas by my university friends; I think I got spooked out. Need to pray about this…

Anyway, I find it annoying that there was this one session done in our last night in Kuala Kubu Bharu. My friends and I decided to explore a bit of the river area at night (what were thinking) and were sort of “chased off” when there were some prayers going on…

I don’t know why after that, the guys decided on a session of ghost-story telling session back in our hostel (a single 3/4 storey block next to a field away from residential). We had the whole hostel to us… a few group of students.

Anyway, I bet most of you had spookier encounter and ambiance in your ghost-story-telling sessions with friends. In fact, there are many cases whereby some unintentionally invite additional “guests” to their sessions either through ‘games’ like: Ouija board or some cards game.

Whether we personally believe of the other realm or not, we are always fed with movies, stories to creep and give ourselves a fright. Hence, the invention of “Rumah Hantu” (Ghost house) whereby you walk in dimly lit corridors with people or stuff popping out suddenly to make you scream or ‘wet your pants’!

Worse still, have you noticed that almost ALL asian horror movies (from Thailand, Korea, etc) are previewed during the Ghost month in the Chinese calendar?

So, tell me, if you get frightened, isn’t it your own doing? After all, we humans have a funny sense of humour to scare the pants out of ourselves and laugh it off the next minute. But then, where does the fiction and reality divides?

Will fiction turn to reality when these ideas from the fictional movies give life to reality as copycats recreate these events? Hmmm… oh yeah, that’s a plot from another movie – Urban Legend.

Well, then, get ready to be spooked in a few months time as crazy creative filmmakers embarked in a more real-liked scenarios to keep you awake for nights or make you avoid seeing the television when the Ju-On can creep out from the well in the television….
The hairs on your arms and neck standing yet? :p


SL said...

Hmm... where do 'souls' go after death? Do they roam around scaring people as ghosts or do they fall into a deep sleep waiting for the 'judgment day'? :-)

PiggiYing said...

Christians believe their souls will return to God's kingdom; where they will be able to rejoin with their saviour, God. :)

Personally, you ask me about ghost, etc, I am very much influenced by whatever I watch on TV... younger days with twilight zone.. So you know laa... :P

PiggiYing said...

actually, when you asked me that, suddenly this book: Rumours of Another World, popped to my mind. I haven't read it but it seems to touch the topics you just asked me.