Monday, April 13, 2009

Magazine Freebies

In case you're thinking I've fallen into the shopaholic syndrome, the purchases I made on Stila products were my first time buying cosmetics.

This is because I don't really makeup (except dinners and wedding dinners I have been attending recently) and thankfully, I have been winning freebies.

The picture here shows some remaining freebies I've won from Women's Weekly, Female and Cleo magazine during these 2/3 years. Some I've given away or finished using. I've won some Revlon foundation & eyeshadow, Shiseido compact & eyeshadow and the best item I have won is Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance set (perfume, body wash & body lotion). :) God is good. I wished for perfume and I won a set about 2 years back. I am too stingy to pay few hundred for perfume... :P

Hence, I think it was time I get some makeup stuff on my own. Plus my winning streak has lessen and I am too lazy to spend half and hour filling all the forms & pasting on postcards to send anymore. In fact, now since they introduced sms-ing to win prices; it is really not worth it at RM1 (plus 25cents) per sms for every entry versus 20 cents stamp on postcards.

The pimples I've been getting has forced me to use foundation and concealer. Sighh... hope I don't clog up my open pores!!

I suspect the pimple outbreaks I have been getting were also due to not cleansing my face properly from makeup (the foundation). Hence, I learn about the existence of cleansing oil or cleansing lotion to remove makeup from your face. I felt compeled to invest in a pricey cleansing oil which was highly recommended online too - Kanebo Blanchir Make Off Conditioner at RM125. I bought it since there was a promo at RM160 for 2 items: the make off conditioner and clay wash conditioner (which normally retail at RM125 each).

Women and "sales"! Go figure..

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