Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Review 3: The Bible

Lol… this would get everyone’s attention.

Seriously, I am not going to review the bible but I wanted to quote back some interesting descriptions of the bible from a few conferences and sermons I have heard. Sorry I cannot remember off-hand who these precious words are from. I will check them out later. They are paraphrase based on my understanding.

The Bible is NOT an object for us to study. We are not the subject studying/reading the bible.

The Bible is the SUBJECT and we are the object. The Bible will teach us through mentors (characters in the scriptures) to guide us.

Don’t search high and low for mentors when the bible has plentiful of them waiting to mentor you if you only sat down and “listen” to them.

I remember these few pearl of wisdom because I always thought I cannot improve myself since I cannot find a willing mentor to guide me in my life – spiritually, career, etc. I get so frustrated because I know I am a willing and obedient student. I AM!! Ok-lah… depends.

Hence, when I heard this words, God convicted in me that it is not other people’s fault for not mentoring me but it is MY own fault for not seeking the mentors He has provided in the scripture (in the Bible).

In short, the Bible is a compilation of countless experiences from various people in the past.

Why try going through each experience again by yourself when in a book, you learn several lifetime’s experience within a sitting of reading? Don’t think it is not related to today’s age – everything is a cycle and unbelievably, it relates to us very much.

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