Monday, April 20, 2009

Cycle of Life

We are borne into this world as a helpless baby; naked, crying and useless. Honestly speaking, what more can a baby do but cry, eat, sleep, poop and of course, look cute? If we are thrown by the road side, as babies, we will die. Unlike animals who immediately are engineered to fend for themselves at the moment of birth.

Then we grow up to a toddler and child; learning skills from adults and surrounding. We grow to a rebellious, identity-seeking teenager and slowly mature into adults worthy of respect. We work ourselves hard; chasing an insatiable ambition. With medicine and healthier prescription to a longer life, we even work at living longer.

However, have you ever think that when you stop working, what happens to you? When retirement arrives at your door step, the workaholic you stops and is lost. Being so used to work, when your mind doesn’t work and your body slows down with just relaxation and no physical exertion; we turn sluggish and prone to sickness.

In the end, we are back to square one like a hapless baby when our mind loses its function. Our physical body ages to a state whereby sometimes we cannot control our bladder anymore. We cannot even remember the last thing we were doing. We cannot even do the daily routine of life without needing aid from someone else. We start becoming a burden to our family members.

No matter how rich, extinguished and respected you can be, if you managed to live to such a state, all those “awards” you have so painfully earned will be stripped bare and forgotten.

Your grandchild will laugh at you; the silly grandfather who doesn’t know where he is. Your daughter might get angry with you for wetting your bed again. Your husband will be upset that you don’t even remember him anymore.

The vicious circle of life; everything goes back to what it was.

Hence, I ask you, what is the point of life? Why trouble ourselves when we will turn back to ashes?

Look deep in your heart and ask God. There your answers will be and you will find a purpose in this crazy place called “Life”.

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