Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How do you normally greet someone? How do you address the person? If you know their name, you would call the person by his/her name?

Perhaps I was a little cranky being down in the weather, I got very annoyed when my Malay colleague (who knew my name) disrespectfully called me "ah moi". I retorted back, "Do you want me to call you 'shortie' or someother name? It is very rude of you to NOT call me by my name."

He continued in his annoying voice by saying it is not rude, etc. but I just ignored and didn't bother.

What do you think? Was I overreacting? But I really don't think it's right addressing someone by terms like, 'Ah pek', 'ah moi', etc.

First of, it purposely labels you according to your race. If they were to use terms for their own race, he might have called them respectfully, "Abang ----" or "kakak -----".

Isn't this discrimination? I know, I shouldn't let little things like this get to me; I blame it on my flu. :P

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