Monday, April 20, 2009

Tinkerbell – the movie (spoiler alert)

I managed to watch this animation of how Tinkerbell became Tinkerbell. ;)

She was named Tinker based on the group she was assigned to (based on her gift/ability). She is placed in the group of fairies in the background who tinkers and invents gadgets to aid her other fairies in preparing the change of seasons (spring, autumn, winter, summer)

Somehow, the lifestyle of a Tinker didn’t suit with her desire to go to the city as Tinkers were supposed to stay back and tinker on gadgets.

Obviously, somehow, her ambition to be part of the group who goes to the city nearly ruined spring for everyone but because of her creative ability to invent and fixed gadgets, Tinkerbell saved the day. :)

The kind queen allowed Tinkerbell to go to the city to return a musical ballerina box which she fixed when no one else could. Ironically, she returned it to Wendy…. and I guess the story continues with Peter Pan.

I shall always have a soft spot for Disney’s animation. :)

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