Sunday, April 26, 2009


Two days of non-stop lessons.. sigh.. I could hardly kept my eyes open today. I have eaten the most number of sweets within these 2 days compared to the whole year just to keep myself awake during class. I gobbled down a tube of polo and FisherMan's friend's sweet (to soothe my cough and keep myself awake).

The weather is not helping these days. Noticed how stuffy, hot and uncomfortable it is getting these days. The air-con in my office literally doesn't work on days like this. I am so tempted to show up work one day in shorts... ahhaha

Hence, how do you keep yourself sane in this hot scorching days? Here are some off-hand ideas for you. :P

1. Hide yourself in a full-blast air-con room? (don't even think of your electricity bill)

2. Walk aimlessly around the shopping mall to enjoy the over supply of centralised air-conditioning? (the temptation of shopping might overwhelm you)

3. Jump into the swimming pool (in the evening) to cool yourself. (I was so tempted to do that yesterday when I spotted a pool at the end of the corridor in the college I was having classes in....!!!)

4. Pour down your throat a Big Gulp or a Slurpee (brain freeze!)

5. Make ice-cream part of your body by consuming it all the time

6. Walk around naked (not recommended as your body is not that pretty to be watched or you might get thrown in prison for causing accidents around.. lol)

7. Have a fan blown directly at you all the time

8. Order an ice-blended Starbucks with a good book and spend your whole day in that sanctuary

9. Pack your bags, hop on the next flight to Alaska

10. Stand underneath a cold shower - in your bathroom or find the nearest waterfall and stay there.
Well, take your pick! :P

Meanwhile, I'll pick number 1 and hide there for now.

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