Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Online Shopping Review: Acmamall.com

I’ve read some negative reviews(Malaysia Crunch & Pin's Malaysia Online Biz) on the delivery of this online store, Acmamall.com but I wanted to get a book which is not sold here. Hence, I took the challenge to try out personally shopping from acmamall.com

I first read about this store from the book forum: LYN Literary Lounge.

1st Order
I actually attempted to order from them in August but I couldn't use my credit card to pay for it. I had to registered my credit card with the bank for online shopping first. (First time buying with credit card... creeepyyy!!)

Weird enough, no one tries to contact you via email or phone to enquire about this pending transaction which stills appear in my order history after months. I checked my credit card company to ensure the transaction did not go through too.

It was so convenient to buy online with credit card once you have tried. My advice is to avoid shopping with credit card online unless you really have to!

2nd Order
My second attempt was on 13 November 2009. This time I was lucky because they were doing a free delivery promotion and the credit card 35% discount was available too. I controlled the urge to buy more books as I wanted to test out their services first and decided on 2 books.

Transaction history (based on the website order details which you have to log in personally to check)

13 Nov (Friday) - Ordered online through website
15 Nov (Sunday) - Processing (Authorised by Credit Card company)
26 Nov (Thursday) - Packing
30 Nov (Monday )- Delivered

I received my package on my door step on the 2 December 2009 (Wednesday). The courier service used was Securexpress.inx. The books were plastic wrapped and packed in a brown cardboard package as shown below.

It took roughly 2 and a half weeks from the moment I clicked the order button on the website to receive the book. The website states delivery for books take 5-14 business days for Malaysia.

Hence, yes, they have delivered the books on time but as some other reviews might point out - it is quite slow. But since I have read the reviews and anticipted it, I didn't really felt the "lateness". I just needed to make sure the books arrived.

I was reading somewhere that this online store operates by drop shipping from overseas. Hence, the longer duration for delivery and lack of feedback from any parties.

My personal advice:
- Do try this when there's a 35% discount off and the items are not available on the shelves in your local bookstores.
- Do try if you're not in a hurry to get the books.

The book I got was a novel to complete my collection of Judith Mcnaught books (which after I ordered online - I realised finally MPH.online was carrying that particular book). The 2nd book is a Christmas present which will probably never make it to our shelves so I'm happy with my purchase. (image of the book blurred for obvious reasons since it's not Christmas yet!)

Till then, I hope my friend will love the book! :)


SL said...

You might as well order it from Amazon and get your books delivered to you sooner. :-)

PiggiYing said...

But expensive delivery charges!! Or not I have to go through you.. hehe