Monday, November 23, 2009

Also Known As...

What is it in a name? Why is there an alias? What is three a need for a nickname?

Whatever names it is, basically it is selected specifically to address you; be it your name (given by your parents), a silly nickname (given by annoying school mates) or an endearment by your other half.

Physical Nicknames

My friend is annoyed for being called small-eyes as typical Asian has those slanted, squinty, single-lid eyes. I have similar eyes too. Hence if I just woke up, my eyes are very squinty. So far, I’ve been called “Mata Sepet” (squinty eyes) during my university days when I’m lack of sleep which is rather often if you stay up late finishing up your projects.

Thankfully, my eyes are not squinty enough for some people to say “No eyes”! Yes, it has happened to some people. (don’t be so mean!) Caricature would have captured all these features with grossly-exaggerated sketch of your facial feature.

The other typical nicknames would be like: “Four eyes” (wearing spectacles), “Chubby”, “Metal teeth” (braces), “Shortie” (height). I bet there are more out there with creative and sometimes hurting consequences.


I was quite surprised that I’m quite popular to Ms. A’s Facebook friends. How am I popular? I’m known as the girl who pollutes her wall. I’ve met 2 of her friends who said, “Ohhh so you’re the girl who’s always commenting on her wall”.

Hmm.. This tells me I should not comment anymore. It was more of conversational and teasing comments. I guess to have an image as a “wall polluter” is not something I would like to have an award for. Imagine meeting potential bosses/clients who happen to see your award of “wall polluter”! The impression is someone who doesn’t have anything better things to do. Lol! Yes, Facebook is not good for you! :p

Other more controversial and daring figures would be this Malaysian guy who calls himself “namawee” and is widely known for his video entitled, “Negarakuku”. You know this, but you don’t know his real name.

What about the guy who said "Looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me”? I see this phrase plastered on t-shirts after that incident.

In the end, what is a name to you? People can even change their names if they don’t like it. But most importantly, if you cherish your name, don’t do silly things to get known as other names. (unless of course, you want to do unintentional branding) I bet my friends who read this blog will think of me when they see pigs.. hahahahah (because of this blog’s theme) – unintentionally branding!


SL said...

Hmm... interesting. I have recently acquired a nickname "Soosaan" - a heavily accented 'western name' given by my eastern european housemate who thought my first name sounds like Sue. As a retaliation, I call him John. :-)

Miu said...

u forgot to mention high school names..

u are my nerd prefect!!!!

PiggiYing said...

Who said I was a nerd prefect? :P u didn't recognise me initially if I didn't say where I was from... hahahaha

Ohhhh I have another name to call SL!! :p

Serene said...

Fuiyoh, Joyce! U have got so many nicknames. Nerd prefect!!! Din know that you have that nickname as well. Nice 1 =)