Thursday, November 05, 2009

Year-end Blues

A little birdy told me it’s the end of the year.

Well, you don’t really need a little birdy to know that. Take a look at the calendar. It’s November 2009.
Shopping malls are preparing for year-end-sales, Christmas, clearing of old stocks and closing of accounts.

Employees are hoping for year-end bonuses and looking forward to lots of public holidays in December.

School holidays are just around the corner with kids fevering through exam and excited for their freedom.

What about me?

Sigh – another year is about to end and what have I accomplished? It’s the year-end blues.

My friend tells me her leg itches every year end. She starts looking for new pastures to venture but hasn’t really stepped into it.

I look at my bank book and sigh. I reflect on my life and laugh. I wonder if I should have taken life more seriously.

Then again, God tells us this life here is not permanent. We should grab every moment of it. I’ve not tried even to harvest this year. Perhaps I should be more open to His prompting. There were a few times, I’ve noticed the opening but I still believe in my flesh by fearing of offending others than fearing God.

So I tell myself now, thank You, Lord for giving me so many wonderful friends, loved ones and fun time this year. I pray, I’ll make my life more worthy for you. After all, I’m not perfect and so are most Christians, but we trying our best to keep on the path by reading and applying His words in our lives.

p.s. Pssst…. Christmas is approaching everyone… you’d better be good or not “Santa” won’t be nice to you. Lol.
Christmas has become a fable tale to encourage goodness and gifts-giving. Even though it is not the true meaning of Christmas– why not? Let’s enjoy the sprit of good cheer and celebration! Countdown: 51 days to go to Christmas.

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