Monday, November 09, 2009

Review: Hotel Seven, Melaka

Over a weekend, my friends and I went down to Melaka for a wedding. We also wanted it to be an eating-road trip. My mouth has been salivating of all the food I haven’t eaten for ages, especially those local specialities.

This will be a 2 part review- one on the accommodation and on the gastronomical feast. Enjoy!

We needed a budget and decent hotel – hence, the groom recommended this recently-opened hotel about RM108 a night for a twin bed. Other hotels would have reached RM200 above for a night. Initially, we wanted to stay in Mahkota Hotel but the reviews with pictures from the previous visitors scared us. (Plus it was also RM200 above per night)

Hotel Seven
, here we come. Yes, it is just opposite Hang Li Po well which is next to Bukit Cina. Yes, the hotel is across from a hill of cemetery which is not really a big deal (wait till you read about eating next to the tombstones!) No, we did not have any “special visitors” – if you know what I mean.

Hotel Seven
No.8D-8G, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, Melaka. Telephone no: 06-292-1301

Anyway, it is situated on this row of shops just across Hang Li Po well. Not too sure if it’s a renovated old shopoffices but to me, it looks like a new row of shops.

The hotel encompasses of about 4 units (I think) of shophouses renovated to suit with the two staircases at the sides. There is a sub-basement as storage and carpark at the bottom of the shophouses (due to the slope site) We were given the back rooms on the 1st floor, facing single-storey houses. (but then view weren’t our concerns.)

The room is very basic and decent. What’s provided?

1. Bed with clean sheets (the pillow is quite low – perhaps you can try asking for extra if you need; we forgot to ask and were too tired. The downside is the sheets smell musky and your clothes will definitely smell like it too in the morning)

2. A side table next to the bed with 2 bottles of complimentary mineral water.
3. A table with a stool and a place to hang your clothes with a shelf below. The table is a little small (would have been better if it was slightly longer or wider)

4. There’s a CRT television (please don’t expect LCD!! :p) and electric kettle to boil water if you need hot drinks. However, there is no mini-fridge.
5. Attached bathroom is rather spacious. Bath towels are provided. The only downside is the shower area has no drop or upstand to avoid the water from flowing to the whole toilet (like most bathrooms normally have). Water pressure is good – so you don’t have to turn the taps too much.

6. There is no hair dryer in the room. But you can go to the receptionist and put a deposit of RM50 (refundable) to get your hair dryer.
7. Each room is fitted with a split-unit air-conditioner. Something to note, the rooms' electricity only works with the hotel-key. So don’t bother trying other cards to keep the room cool. ;)

Overall, it is a clean room and no ants swarm around the pineapple tarts in the containers we left on the table (heard about this problem in another hotel)

Other facilities
1. There are 2 computers next to the reception area with internet connection. Yes, you can facebook there. ;)
2. The receptionist and staff are friendly.
3. Even though the website states there is sufficient carpark, a caution to you – there isn’t enough if it’s fully occupied. One lot of shophouse can fit about 3 carparks- so do your math. In front, you can try parking at the row of shophouses (but the shopowners of the eateries next door need to park too)
4. We went with 4 cars and decided to double park since the parking is limited. However, remember to reverse the inner car out when you decide to carpool together. The hotel does not warn the other guest not to double-park your car and you might find yourself trapped there by other guests you don't know.
5. There is CCTV all over the place (corridors have more than 1) and there is a few at the carpark area too. You can see the surveillance monitors in the reception area.

It is a decent clean room for about RM108 a night. In fact, you can walk to some tourist spots if you’re wiling. Downside – the musky bedsheets and limited car park (but the whole Melaka town has limited carpark! Lol)

I would definately go there again if I’m looking merely for basic accommodation. However, if I want to enjoy and relax in the hotel room with a swimming pool, I’ll pay more and stay at Equatorial Hotel! ;)

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