Monday, November 09, 2009

Sesame Street invades Google

Have you seen Google’s latest image on their search engine?

Cookie monster greets you when you open Google search engine in conjunction to Sesame Street 40th Anniversary.Google is giving the ultimate 21st-century tribute: a series of Sesame Street-themed logos on its search page.

There was a period with Ernie and Bert. (last week)

Now, it's Elmo waving at you.

This brings me back to my childhood to Sesame Street days. These puppets were created by Jim Henson.

Which is your favourite muppet? (The list of the muppets can be found here.)

The mature, smart Big Bird? The green Oscar the Grouch popping out from garbage can? The bright blue glutton Cookie Monsters who gobbles up cookies messily? The cute bright red young Elmo dancing happily around? There's just so many memorable characters to name!Take your pick and remember the lessons Big Bird would teach us. Those were the days…

Kids these days are spoilt with choices of education programmes to watch. Which are your kids’ favourites? Do you like them more than those your generation?

Whatever it is, it’s evident Elmo’s a success with the Tickle-me-Elmo plush toys who laughs and fall laughing as if its tickled by laughter.

And of course, when he sees a plate of cookies, Cookie Monster would go: “Ccookies!!” *Gobble gobble* Lol.

This makes me hungry for cookies. ;)

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