Friday, November 20, 2009

Exploring the blogosphere

Hmm.. there IS a term called blogosphere. I was just wondering.

Blog Templates

Anyway, I have not explored the different possibilities with the layout of blogs, widgets and all till I saw my friend’s new blog. I was impressed with the layout and then I learn about free templates online. (Ooohh.. no wonder I came across nice ones on-and-off; thinking they must be graphic designers or love tinkling with the graphics- I know, I need to get out from under the coconut shell - "Katak di bawah tempurung" or stop being such a hermit)

I really love the designs available for wordpress. There are converted version to blogspot but with certain limitations and kinks. I am still reading up on it before I revamp my website. I still love my pigs images but I think it’s time to change. I have some ideas which will incorporate the real pigs of the Piggilot Kingdom– do stay tune! I’ve prepping them for their photo shoot (haha) but I need props!

What do you think of the layouts? The ones I like have restricted post space which I prefer wider (I’m not sure how to edit this) There is a missing link of knowledge between the many years back when I learned in html to make websites to user-friendly-blogs these days.


Widgets – I thought were merely scripts for advertisements to be added at the sidebars of blogs until I saw my friend’s pet hamster running in a wheel! You can feed it with sunflower seed and water. Awww… so cute with its big goo-goo eyes. Best yet, it won’t die on you!

Hence, did you notice my pet pig on my sidebar? I know when you click it, it squeals rather loudly but this was the only pig widget available (hmm.. unless I try to make one myself? Heeh) If you click it further, Lil Piggy would happily wallow in the mud and get dirty. Remember to click on the "extra" button to wash my pet, okay? You can feed it with an apple too. Thanks! ;)

In the meantime, stay tuned for more exploration which I would need my desktop to do.

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