Sunday, November 01, 2009

Review: Cloth Pantyliners from Tiny Tapir

Finally, got around using it despite my dissatifaction.

Review of Pantyliners Fabric

1) Sugar Monkey Liners - Petite (The item on your right) - RM26/piece

This really works well, I can hardly feel the liner and it washes easily. I would highly recommend getting this if you want to be more environmental-friendly by not using the disposable ones in the market.

The petite one would suffice. I didn't buy the longer one but I presume it works the same. The sewing is excellent and the whole material and sewing feels compact enough for the "barely-there" feeling/ part of your underwear. Lol

2) Saffa Pantyliner (The item on your left) - RM10/piece

At first glance, I was very disappointed. The sewing was badly done with threads coming out but as I bought it online - I am not willing to go all the shop to ask for a refund (waste of petrol, time, etc) so I told myself, to let it go and use it. (Malaysians have the mentality that if it's cheaper than the other items - it should be badly done? Shrug)

It should not be call a pantyliner because it felt exactly like a pad. In terms of leakage control for a pad, I am not sure but I don't like the feeling of something so padded down there (as a panty liner). I would recommend getting the Sugar Monkeys anytime. But for now, I'll finish up my disposable one or find another seller elsewhere.

There are a few others seller selling the clothpads if you are interested as listed out in I have not tried the rest, so if you have - do recommend to me. Thanks! :)


Jessying said...

wow.. i havent dare myself to test that., good review !

PiggiYing said...

Thanks... coz I pro for the environment.. but of course have to sacrifice.. $$

SL said...

Do you carry your own shopping bags to supermarkets as well? :-)

PiggiYing said...

Trying.. must purposely bring a bag. It's hard to remember to bring a bag when I don't even carry a handbag when I go out!

I'm still used to cargo pants with pockets.. :p

If I'm carrying a bag, I try to decline plastic bags for the smaller items/ single item.

You have to bring your own shopping bags right?

Pigita said...


I just bought to try.

Hope i will have a good experience with these pads.

PiggiYing said...

Which one did u buy? Perhaps we can swap reviews! ;) I'm trying the day pads real soon and will blog about it later.

Think u'll find it different. Not really tough to wash - I just throw the panty liners with my other "fragile" clothing.. ;)