Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Courtship = Flying a kite

I can't recall if I read this analogy somewhere but I was using the analogy of "flying a kite" to describe a courtship to my friend. She asked me to elaborate here.

Why "flying a kite"?

Well, lets look at how you fly a kite vs a courtship.

To fly a kite           : Hold the kite in both hands and toss it lightly into the wind until the wind catches it.
To start a courtship: You put yourself and your heart out in the world and try your luck making contact/chemistry with strangers.

To fly a kite           : Let out a small length of kite string and, holding the string in your hand, run with the kite behind you until the wind lifts it.
During a courtship: Slowly build trust by getting to know the other person and hope the chemistry will build into something.

Keeping a kite in the air: Begin letting out the string until the kite reaches a height with which you are comfortable.
Keeping the relationship : To show trust, you have to give the other person space to do their own things. (let go of the string)

Keeping a kite in the air: Keep an eye on your kite; if it dips, run or pull in the string a bit to give it some lift.
Keeping the relationship : Occasionally to keep the fire alive, you need to pursue your partner by buying gifts and giving he/her a treat (pull the string)

Hence, to me, to maintain a relationship, you need to pull and release the string occasionally to keep the relationship flying high and on. :)

However, if... you really need to end a relationship

To bring down the kite: Bring the kite down by slowly and reach out to grab the kite before it hits the ground
To end a relationship   : Slowly bring the relationship by discussing it frankly with the other person. Don't just cut off the string and let if fly away or fall suddenly on the ground.

Hence, treat your relationship like how you would fly a kite! :)

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Anonymous said...

This is such an interesting manual on how to start and keep a relationship! bravo!