Monday, May 17, 2010

Pppttoooooiiii!! Spitting day.

It's such a spitting day.

I was driving to work this cooling quiet morning when I followed behind a motorcyclist. I was thinking of how a nice weather it is and if the traffic later would ruin the beauty of the morning when..


The motorcyclist casually turn his head and spit to his right... right onto my car. He didn't even turn behind... or showed he was sorry..

Arrrgghhhh!!! EEeeewwwww!! I need to decontaminate my car!! Argghhh!!

Then after the toll, I was stuck at a traffic congestion because of a bottle-neck - no thanks to the road planners in this country.

A lorry was on the right of my car.. The passenger's window was down. Pttoooii!! He happily spit out (no.. luckily not at my car). Then he happily dropped a presumed-used lighter out of the same window.

Arghhh.. litter bug!! 

You're not an art like this!

What a spitting day! The world is just a large spittoon and garbage can to everyone. No wonder Mother Nature is retaliating now...

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