Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zero-Sized World

First, we have zero-sized models like Kate Moss walking down the catwalks; sprouting bulimic, anorexic, diet and exercise fanatics. These so-called “healthy” programmes are the “in” thing among young ladies who wish to be the next top model. They have to shed off fat, weight, muscle, water-retention to look like flat boards for designer’s clothes to look good on them. *rolling eyes*
Sony Vaio X the lightest laptop to date

Now the battle as the thinnest laptop has given me the impression that the world is heading towards an era of anorexic.

Manufacturers are vying to invent the thinnest laptop after MacBook Air d├ębuted in the market. In fact, small laptop i.e. netbook are pretty portable and light (minus many capacities whereby someone called them “anorexic”). Take a look at the “pocket” netbook by Sony Vaio P which is advertised as small as a lady purse; small trendy and chic.
Coloured laptops are portrayed as candies to attract the bold instead of the plain old black or the white-trend by Mac. Laptop skins with graphics spread through the market.

Then, how can the non-zero sized people live in this world? Do we tolerate this? Or let us embrace the old trusty desktop in its original full size and glory. Lol (I am still using my trusty desktop pc which people might call ancient soon. I only got my LCD monitor very recently.)

I must admit that it’s unevitable. The “thinnest” fad is here – the thinnest structure, thinnest/smallest chip, the slimmist multi-functional handphone, smallest puppies (teacup yorkies), etc.

In fact, there's this video in youtube showing the multifunctional handphone cum translator cum coffeemaker cum projector called Pomegrante Phone. I can't help laughing when I saw it making coffee. Have to give it credit for doing so much with the advertisement, website...

I’ll never say this is the era of minimalism. To me, this is the dawn of the anorexic era – so beware! The world is implying, “Shed some pounds before all the furniture, transportation, houses are designed for stick-thin people and their gadgets.” :P

Meanwhile, bak kut teh (pork ribs in herbal soup) anyone? lol

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