Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No One Thinks Big of You

Someone posted this video in facebook. It's very emotional. Watch it... especially to those who are always in "need of speed".

Scene 5: the car crushed into a couple in embrace; killing the boyfriend immediately and crushing him into the girlfriend who was still alive; in pain. Tragic.


Jessying said...

very touching , dont speed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i lost a dearest cousin in car accident recently because someone else speeding . he & his gf (now his wife cos married afterworld) , his colleague and the opposite person who bang his car also didnt survived !!!!!! i miss him so much , we dont realise how much we miss a person until they REALLY gone

PiggiYing said...

Sad to hear about your cousin and gf. Hope their parents and family are doing ok and moving on with their lives.
It's very sad when the accidents yearly just end up as statistics but many people don't feel it unless it involves your own family member - then only they will feel the pain. Somehow all these reckless drivers just don't get it, and we are resorted to praying daily for our loved ones' safety.