Monday, September 28, 2009

Clinic tales

God is good all the time.
You know why? Well, it was not entirely my fault. Anyway, here goes the story.

I was feeling slightly flu-ish with a runny nose, that I decided to drop by the clinic.

Side track, my office provided us with a health card whereby we, the employees just have to co-pay a small amount when we visited selected clinics, hospitals and medical centers (those in the insurance company's panel) . For example, we only pay RM5 per visit to the clinic and RM15 to specialist centre (with recommendation from the panel clinic).

Today I was paying some bills due after a week of holidays. I never check how much money I had in my purse. Since it only required RM5 as a co-payee payment, I thought I had enough money to drop by the clinic then.

Suddenly, the nurse told me they couldn't accept the new card which requires a new system they don't have and suggested I find one which has the system. Since, I've been going to that clinic since I was young, I shrugged and said, "It's okay, I'll pay myself."
I sat and waited for my turn. Suddenly, I decided to check how much money I had left in my purse. (I didn't know how much I had left till that moment). I even counted the coins to see how much extra I could get from it. I had only RM17. I wondered if that was enough.

I decided to sms to my mum to ask her to bring some cash.(which she didn't even see the sms till I call her later). I even smsed my bf to tell him my concerns. I didn't want to lose my turn by going to the bank at that moment. I wondered if I should ask the doctor how much the pills would cost first before letting him prescribe it to me.

The doctor checked me and only prescribed some flu medicine. No antibiotic was needed since my nose stopped "running" (lol) and I didn't sneeze as often as the last 2 days. I casually asked him how much the medicine would cost and he realised I wasn't using the medical card (which normally requires him to fill a form).

Then, he complained about the insurance company suddenly changing the whole system which require a new device or computer to check the card without informing the clinics. Even worse, the insurance company ask the clinic individually to reapply back (with some meddlesome procedures) to be allowed to use the system for their patients.

But the most important words were, "Oh you're paying yourself? Don't worry, I will only charge you for the medicine." I was so happy when I heard that and I thank God! :) Then I wondered how much did the medicine cost...

The nurse gave me 3 packets of medicine and explained to me when to eat it. Then she told me, "Ten ringgit." I was ecstatic inside. Thank God! I don't have to dig out my coins to pay her! Thank you, Doctor! :) Thank You, God! :)

And that my friend, tells me to check how much money I have left in my purse before I do anything! Imagine the horror of eating a luxurious meal then they say, "No credit card. Only cash." Then you open your wallet and see 2 ringgit. :p

I don't think the system of "washing the plates" to pay for your meal in Malaysia applies.... What happens then?

But remember, a little prayer to God wouldn't do you any harm when you're panicking! ;)

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