Friday, September 18, 2009

Are you a Cat person or a Dog person?

I asked someone this and the reply was the latter. Then I asked myself.
Answer? I think I'm more of a cat-person.

I think having a cat for a pet in my secondary school makes me love cats. My cat was quite adorable whenever I came home from school. My cat then would come to me and "manja" by rubbing and curling itself in my lap for a nice rub as a greeting to me. Then after a minute or so, she walks off haughtily and don't bother about you. Ha!

I know dogs would be more fun as the "loyal" pet who sticks to your side. But I didn't own a dog before - so I wouldn't really know.

Hence, look at this video and can you tell me you still hate cats? Look at its white socks and mischievous antics! ;)

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To know what kind of cat person you are. try this simple quiz.

On a side note, I don't appreciate stepping on cat's urine when I put my foot in my sandals. Ewww! Happen twice! My neighbourhood is overwhelmed with cats. My neighbour's cats like to sit on my car like a regal queen on her throne. If you look at her and try to ask her to leave, she'll look down and you and slowly, reluctantly move away.

Many of them are very artistic too. My car is maroon in colour with dusty grey paw prints all over it - courtesty of the neighbourhood's cats. Will capture a picture of the effect one of these days.

In the meantime,I shall sign off this entry with a loud MeeeoooWWww! ;)

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